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Nicky Hilton and Todd MeisterIn the very early morning of August 15, 2004, Nicky Hilton grabbed the spotlight from her sister, Paris, when she married an older man, Todd Meister. Hilton was twenty at the time, and the Toddmeister was thirty-three. It was said to be a lovely wedding with lots of energy. Nicky Hilton had never mentioned that Toddmeister was her boyfriend, but they had known each other since she was fifteen. They had planned to marry later, in the fall, but decided to tie the … Read more

The answer to that question is a definitive "Yes!" The world is full of younger women looking for older men, both for casual dating and also for even more substantial romantic relationships. For someone who is very familiar with the internet and dating sites, it might be quite simple to find younger women online. To the majority of men, however, it may appear to be nearly impossible. It actually isn't that difficult, and you can easily find the right younger woman right here on ItsJustaNumber/So… Read more

The performer known as Cher has been involved in many age gap relationships. When she was younger, she had relationships with older men, and as she got a little older, she had relationships with younger men.There are reports that Cher had a brief fling with actor Warren Beatty when she was very young (16). That would have been in 1962. Beatty was 25 at the time, nine years older than Cher. Cher had just left home at that time, and was making a living as a dancer in small night clubs on Sunset St… Read more

Designed for Age Gap Dating Only

IJN is Exclusively for Age Gap Dating

Several years ago, I paid to join a popular site that was marketed as an age gap dating site. It didn't take me long to realize that I had wasted my hard-earned money. The vast majority of the members of that site weren't even looking for age gap dating. They were seeking someone very close to their own age. That inspired me to build a dating site that truly catered to those seeking age gap dating, and ItsJustaNumber was born.

ItsJustanumber was created to help those who are interested in age gap dating find each other. Whether it's older women looking for younger men or younger women looking for older men, IJN (ItsJustaNumber) is here to help.

IJN has been online since 2007, and we're still the only true 100% free age gap dating site online. I encourage you to try some of the other age gap dating sites. You will find out some things very quickly.

- It might be free to join, but you will have to pay to contact other members.
- After you pay your hard-earned money, you will find out that most of the members aren't really looking for someone who is significantly older or younger. 

You won't have to pay to contact other members on ItsJustaNumber. This site is 100% free, and we have plenty of features for you to enjoy. Some of those features include:

Personal Photos
Your profile photo will be displayed as an avatar in various places on the website. A profile photo is the only thing required to communicate with other members.

Instant Messaging
You can initiate an IM chat with any online member from his or her profile, similar to Facebook chat, yet enhanced with hundreds of fun, funny emoticons.

Chat Rooms
We have fun free chat rooms with tons of funny emoticons where you can communicate with others who share your interest in age gap dating.

Video Sharing
You can share videos from sites like Youtube and Vimeo.

Music Uploads
You can upload music files to express your mood. You can also rate music tracks uploaded by other members.

Private Messaging
Other sites let you join for free but they don't let you send any messages until you pay up. Here on ItsJustaNumber, you can sign up, upload your profile photo and send all the messages you want, absolutely free.

Friends Network
You can add and accept friends. You can easily see if your friends are online and chat with them.

Photo Albums
You can create multiple photo albums. We encourage lots of photos from our members. You can even password protect your albums or make them visible only by your friends.

There are many, many more features on IJN--too many to list here. After you join us you can look around give them all a try. You will find that IJN has just as many features, if not more, than the pay sites you may have joined.

When it comes to age gap dating, we protect our integrity by screening all profiles to insure that all of our members truly share an interest in age gap dating. If an individual joins our site who is not seeking someone who is significantly older our younger, that individual's profile is removed. ItsJustaNumber will always be 100% free and 100% dedicated to age gap dating. You can count on it.